Microsoft DirectX 9.0


The SetDefaultResolution method sets the default resolution of the segment. This is the value used to determine how times such as the segment start time are adjusted for synchronization with the rhythm.


HRESULT SetDefaultResolution(
  DWORD dwResolution



Default resolution. This value can be 0 or one of the members of the DMUS_SEGF_FLAGS enumeration shown in the following table.

Value Description
DMUS_SEGF_MEASURE Resolve times to next measure.
DMUS_SEGF_BEAT Resolve times to next beat.
DMUS_SEGF_GRID Resolve times to next grid.

Return Values

The method returns S_OK.


This method is used primarily by secondary segments to specify whether they are synchronized to the measure, beat, or grid of the primary segment by default.


  Header: Declared in dmusici.h.

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