Microsoft DirectX 9.0


The CloseDown method closes down the performance object. An application that created the performance object and called IDirectMusicPerformance8::Init or IDirectMusicPerformance8::InitAudio on it must call CloseDown before the performance is released.


HRESULT CloseDown();  


This method returns no parameters.

Return Values

The method returns S_OK.


Failure to call CloseDown can cause memory leaks or program failures.

CloseDown handles the release of the IDirectMusic8 interface if this reference was created by IDirectMusicPerformance8::Init or IDirectMusicPerformance8::InitAudio. If the application explicitly created the DirectMusic object, the application is responsible for releasing the reference.

If the DirectSound device object was created in the call to Init or InitAudio but no reference was returned to the application, CloseDown also releases the DirectSound device and all DirectSound buffers. If your application has obtained any interfaces to DirectSound buffers, it should release them before calling Closedown.

If the application created the DirectSound device object explicitly, or obtained a reference form Init or InitAudio, it is responsible for releasing the DirectSound device.

The method releases any downloaded instruments that have not been unloaded.


  Header: Declared in dmusici.h.

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