Microsoft DirectX 9.0


The SetSearchDirectory method sets a search path for finding object files. The search path can be set for one object file type or for all files.


HRESULT SetSearchDirectory(
  REFGUID rguidClass,
  WCHAR* pwszPath,
  BOOL fClear



Reference to (C++) or address of (C) the identifier of the class of objects that the call pertains to. GUID_DirectMusicAllTypes specifies all objects. For a list of standard loadable classes, see IDirectMusicLoader8.


File path for directory. Must be a valid directory and must be less than MAX_PATH in length. The path, if not fully qualified, is relative to the current directory when IDirectMusicLoader8::ScanDirectory is called.


If TRUE, clears all information about objects before setting the directory. This prevents the loader from accessing objects in a previous directory when those objects have the same name. However, objects are not removed from the cache.

Return Values

If the method succeeds, the return value is S_OK, or S_FALSE if the search directory is already set to pwszPath.

If it fails, the method can return one of the error values shown in the following table.

Return code


After a search path is set, the loader does not need a full path every time it is given an object to load by file name. This enables objects that refer to other objects to find them by file name without knowing the full path.

When this method has been called, the loader expects the wszFileName member of the DMUS_OBJECTDESC structure to contain only a file name or a path relative to the search directory, unless the DMUS_OBJ_FULLPATH flag is set in the dwValidData member.


  Header: Declared in dmusici.h.

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