Microsoft DirectX 9.0

IDirectMusicGraph8 Interface

The IDirectMusicGraph8 interface manages the loading and message flow of tools.

Graphs can occur in two places: performances and segments. The graph of tools in a performance is global in nature; it processes messages from all segments. A graph in a segment exists only for playback of that segment.

IDirectMusicGraph8 is a type definition for IDirectMusicGraph. The two interface names are interchangeable.

In addition to the methods inherited from IUnknown, the IDirectMusicGraph8 interface exposes the following methods.

Method Description
GetTool Retrieves a tool by index.
InsertTool Inserts a tool in the graph.
RemoveTool Removes a tool from the graph.
StampPMsg Stamps a message with a pointer to the next tool that is to receive it.


  Header: Declared in dmusici.h.

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