Microsoft DirectX 9.0


The GetUncompFormatsSupported method retrieves a list of pixel formats that can be used to render a specified video accelerator format.


HRESULT GetUncompFormatsSupported(
  const GUID *pGuid,
  LPDWORD pdwNumFormatsSupported,
  LPDDPIXELFORMAT pFormatsSupported



[in] Pointer to a video accelerator GUID.


[in] [out] If pFormatsSupported is NULL, pdwNumFormatsSupported returns with the number of pixel formats to which the video accelerator format, defined by pGuid, can be converted. Otherwise, this parameter is the number of pixel formats to return in pFormatsSupported. When the method returns, this parameter is the actual number of pixel formats returned.


[in] [out] Pointer to a DDPIXELFORMAT structure. If this parameter is not NULL, up to *pdwNumFormatsSupported pixel formats are copied into this array. The size of the buffer should be at least *pdwNumFormatsSupported * sizeof(DDPIXELFORMAT).

Return Values

Returns S_OK when successful. Otherwise an error code is returned.

Note:The driver can return DDERR_MOREDATA if fewer than the total number of formats are requested.  DDERR_MOREDATA is technically a failing HRESULT which will be caught by SUCCEEDED() or FAILED() macros but it isn't really a failure. The decoder must handle this result specially.

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