Microsoft DirectX 9.0

IAMTimelineTransable Object

Adds transitions to an object in DirectShow Editing Services (DES). Applies to objects that can have transitions applied to them, such as tracks, compositions, and groups. An object that supports transitions can have any number of transitions, but the transitions must not overlap in time.

Note   Audio does not support transitions.

This object has the following methods.

Method Description
GetNextTrans Not supported for Visual Basic.
GetNextTrans2 Retrieves the first transition that appears at the specified time or later.
GetTransAtTime Not supported for Visual Basic.
GetTransAtTime2 Retrieves the transition nearest to the specified time, according to specified boundary conditions.
TransAdd Adds a transition to the object.
TransGetCount Retrieves the number of transitions on this object.


Include a reference in your project to "Dexter 1.0 Type Library" (Qedit.dll).