Microsoft DirectX 9.0


The GetDefaultFPS method retrieves the source object's default frame rate. The render engine uses this value if it cannot determine the frame rate from the original source.


    double *pFPS



Pointer to a variable that receives the default frame rate, in frames per second.

Return Value

Returns S_OK if successful, or E_POINTER otherwise.


The default frame rate is not required if the file format specifies the frame rate. This is the case for audio and video formats.

If the source is a bitmap or JPEG image, the render engine uses it as the first image in a device-independent bitmap (DIB) sequence, with a frame rate equal to the default frame rate. To render a static image, rather than a DIB sequence, set the default frame rate to 0.

If the source is a GIF, do not set the frame rate. For animated GIFs, the GIF file specifies the delay between each image.


Header: Include Qedit.h. This header file is not compatible with Microsoft® Direct3D® headers later than version 7.

Library: Use strmiids.lib.

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