Microsoft DirectX 9.0

IAMAnalogVideoEncoder Interface

Note   This interface has been deprecated. It will continue to be supported for backward compatibility with existing applications, but new applications and filters should not use it.

The IAMAnalogVideoEncoder interface might be implemented by a hardware video encoder in video capture operations when an application is streaming data to disk and sending it back out to videotape. It provides methods for setting the video standard and enabling or disabling closed captioning and copy protection.

In addition to the methods inherited from IUnknown, the IAMAnalogVideoEncoder interface exposes the following methods.

Method Description
get_AvailableTVFormats Retrieves the analog video standards (NTSC/M, PAL/B, SECAM/K1, and so on) supported by the encoder.
get_CCEnable Determines whether closed captioning is currently enabled.
get_CopyProtection Determines whether copy protection is currently enabled.
get_TVFormat Retrieves the analog video standard that the encoder is currently set to.
put_CCEnable Enables or disables closed captioning.
put_CopyProtection Sets the level of copy protection for the encoder.
put_TVFormat Sets the encoder to a particular analog video standard.