Microsoft DirectX 9.0


Ensures that a standard MIDI file (one not authored specifically for DirectMusic) plays correctly. This parameter can be set but not retrieved.

Element Description
Track type Band
Data type (*pParam) None
mtTime Not used


For an explanation of the table, see Standard Track Parameters.

Setting this parameter ensures that channels do not play silently if the file contains no patch changes. It also causes bank selects to be ignored. The parameter must be set before any instruments are downloaded.

Do not set this parameter if the file might contain DLS instrument data. Doing so causes the DSL instruments to be ignored and standard GM instruments to be used.

If you are writing an application to play MIDI content that might or might not contain DLS instruments, you should ascertain for each file whether or not the file contains a DLS chunk. The four-character code for this chunk is "DLS ", defined as FOURCC_DLS in Dls1.h. If the file contains this chunk, do not set the GUID_StandardMIDIFile parameter.

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  Header: Declared in dmusici.h.