Microsoft DirectX 9.0


Sets or retrieves channel-mapping and muting information.

Element Description
Track type Mute.
Data type (*pParam) DMUS_MUTE_PARAM. The dwPChannel member must be initialized before this structure is passed to the get method.
mtTime The time, in track time, at which to add the mute event to the track, or the time at or directly after the mute event to be retrieved from the track.


For an explanation of the table, see Standard Track Parameters.

You cannot dynamically change the mapping or muting of a channel by setting this parameter while the mute track is playing. Parameters in the mute track are retrieved by internal GetParam calls from other tracks, and the application has no control over the timing of such calls. Changes in the mapping or muting of channels should be authored into the mute track of a segment played as a controlling segment, or done at run time by tools.


  Header: Declared in dmusici.h.