Microsoft DirectX 9.0


The GetDialogSize function retrieves the size of a resource dialog box.


BOOL WINAPI GetDialogSize(
    int iResourceID,
    DLGPROC pDlgProc,
    LPARAM lParam,
    SIZE *pResult



Dialog box resource identifier.


Pointer to the dialog box procedure.


Value passed in the WM_INITDIALOG message sent to the temporary dialog box just after it is created.


Pointer to a SIZE structure that receives the dimensions of the dialog box, in screen pixels.

Return Value

Returns TRUE if the dialog box resource was found, or FALSE otherwise.


Property pages can use this function to return the actual display size they require. Most property pages are dialog boxes and, as such, have dialog box templates stored in resource files. Templates use dialog box units that do not map directly onto screen pixels. However, a property page's GetPageInfo function must return the actual display size in pixels. The property page can call GetDialogSize to calculate the display size.

This function creates a temporary instance of the dialog box. To avoid having the dialog box appear on the screen, the dialog box template in the resource file should not have a WS_VISIBLE property.

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