Microsoft DirectX 9.0

File Encoding and Decoding Interfaces

These interfaces support file encoding and decoding.

Interface Description
IAMMediaContent Retrieve meta-data from a stream, such as the author and title.
IAMOpenProgress Determine the progress of a file-open operation.
IAMParse Query and set the parse time for the current position in an MPEG stream.
IAMStreamSelect Control which logical streams are played, and retrieve information about them.
IAMVfwCompressDialogs Display dialog boxes provided by VFW codecs.
IAMVideoCompression Set video compression parameters.
IConfigAsfWriter Control how the WM ASF Writer filter writes Advanced Systems Format (ASF) files.
IConfigAviMux Control how the AVI Mux filter writes AVI files.
IConfigInterleaving Configure interleaving when the AVI Mux filter writes AVI files.
IDVEnc Set the encoding resolution on the DV Video Encoder filter.
IDVSplitter Downgrade the frame rate on a digital video (DV) stream
IIPDVDec Set the decoding resolution on the DV Video Decoder filter.
IPersistMediaPropertyBag Set and retrieve INFO and DISP chunks in AVI streams.