Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Embedding the MSWebDVD Object

In a Web Page: The MSWebDVD object handles all the DVD navigation commands as well as the display of the video rectangle. It will appear on your Web page as the video display rectangle. Therefore, you must embed it within the HTML document's BODY element. Set the rectangle width and height, and the default values for any properties as required by your application.

<OBJECT CLASSID=clsid:38EE5CEE-4B62-11D3-854F-00A0C9C898E7 ID=DVD 
    STYLE="height:369px; width:740px">
<PARAM NAME="BackColor" VALUE="1048592">
<PARAM NAME="EnableResetOnStop" VALUE="-1">
<PARAM NAME="ColorKey" VALUE="1048592">

In a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation: Use the Control Toolbox palette, choose the "Insert Object" icon, insert the MSWebDVD control, then drag to size. (Scripting must be done in Visual Basic Scripting Edition®.)