Microsoft DirectX 9.0

DVDSPExt Constants

This topic applies to Windows XP Service Pack 1 only.

The DVDSPExt constants indicate the default DVD subpicture language extension.

Constant Value Description
dvdSPExt_NotSpecified 0 Extension not specified.
dvdSPExt_Caption_Normal 1 Normal caption size.
dvdSPExt_Caption_Big 2 Big captions.
dvdSPExt_Caption_Children 3 Children's captions.
dvdSPExt_CC_Normal 5 Normal-sized closed captions.
dvdSPExt_CC_Big 6 Big closed captions.
dvdSPExt_CC_Children 7 Children's closed captions.
dvdSPExt_Forced 9 Forced.
dvdSPExt_DirectorComments_Normal 13 Normal-sized director's comments.
dvdSPExt_DirectorComments_Big 14 Big director's comments.
dvdSPExt_DirectorComments_Big 15 Director's comments for children.


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