Microsoft DirectX 9.0

DVDDirectory Property

The DVDDirectory property sets or retrieves the current directory of the current DVD volume.


[ sDirPath = ] MSWebDVD.DVDDirectory

Return Values

Returns a string value indicating the path to the DVD root directory.


This property is read/write with no default value. Use this method to set the root path when there is more than one DVD drive on a system. When there is only one drive on the system and its drive letter is higher than "C", the MSWebDVD object finds it automatically. For a standard DVD-Video disc, the root path should include the ts_video directory:

Example Code

MSWebDVD.DVDDirectory = "e:\\video_ts";

Some DVD volumes may have their video in a directory named something other than "video_ts." The general idea is that an additional "DVD volume" (the set of .IFO. VOB, and .BUP files that would normally be stored in the VIDEO_TS directory) can be placed in a subdirectory on the disc. By changing the root to point to this directory, MSWebDVD will operate on this separate DVD volume. A new set of menus, titles, and so on will be available, independent of the titles in the VIDEO_TS root, which will no longer be accessible. Such directories are called "hidden directories." The following example shows how to set a hidden directory as the root, where "hidden" is a placeholder for whatever name the disc authors have given to the directory.

Example Code

MSWebDVD.DVDDirectory = "d:\\webdvd\\hidden";