Microsoft DirectX 9.0

DVD_TitleAttributes Structure

The DVD_TitleAttributes structure contains information about a DVD title. The IDvdInfo2::GetTitleAttributes method fills in a DVD_TitleAttributes structure for a specified stream.


typedef struct tagDVD_TitleMainAttributes {
    DVD_TITLE_APPMODE                   AppMode;
    DVD_VideoAttributes                 VideoAttributes;
    ULONG                               ulNumberOfAudioStreams;
    DVD_AudioAttributes                 AudioAttributes[8];
    DVD_MultichannelAudioAttributes     MultichannelAudioAttributes[8];
    ULONG                               ulNumberOfSubpictureStreams;
    DVD_SubpictureAttributes            SubpictureAttributes[32];
} DVD_TitleAttributes;



A variable of type DVD_TITLE_APPMODE indicating whether the Navigator is in "karaoke" mode or some other mode.


A DVD_VideoAttributes structure containing information about the "main" video of the current menu or title.


A variable of type ULONG indicating the number of audio streams available in the title.


An array of DVD_AudioAttributes structures containing information about each available audio stream in the current title.


An array of DVD_MultichannelAudioAttributes structures containing additional information about any available audio stream that is in a multichannel format. This structure will be filled in for the corresponding audio stream if the multichannel bit is set in that stream's DVD_AudioAttributes structure.


A variable of type ULONG indicating the number of subpicture streams available in the title.


An array of DVD_SubpictureAttributes structures that contain information about each subpicture stream in the title.DVD_SubpictureAttributes structures containing information about each available subpicture stream in the title.

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