Microsoft DirectX 9.0


The DSFXI3DL2Reverb structure contains parameters for an I3DL2 (Interactive 3D Audio Level 2) reverberation effect.


typedef struct _DSFXI3DL2Reverb {
  LONG  lRoom;
  LONG  lRoomHF; 
  FLOAT flRoomRolloffFactor;
  FLOAT flDecayTime;
  FLOAT flDecayHFRatio;
  LONG  lReflections;
  FLOAT flReflectionsDelay;
  LONG  lReverb;
  FLOAT flReverbDelay; 
  FLOAT flDiffusion;
  FLOAT flDensity;
  FLOAT flHFReference;
} DSFXI3DL2Reverb, *LPDSFXI3DL2Reverb;
typedef const DSFXI3DL2Reverb *LPCDSFXI3DL2Reverb;



Attenuation of the room effect, in millibels (mB), in the range from DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_ROOM_MIN to DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_ROOM_MAX. The default value is DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_ROOM_DEFAULT, or -1000 mB.


Attenuation of the room high-frequency effect, in mB, in the range from DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_ROOMHF_MIN to DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_ROOMHF_MAX. The default value is DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_ROOMHF_DEFAULT, or -100 mB.


Rolloff factor for the reflected signals, in the range from DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_ROOMROLLOFFFACTOR_MIN to DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_ROOMROLLOFFFACTOR_MAX. The default value is DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_ROOMROLLOFFFACTOR_DEFAULT, or 0.0. The rolloff factor for the direct path is controlled by the DirectSound listener.


Decay time, in seconds, in the range from DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_DECAYTIME_MIN to DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_DECAYTIME_MAX. The default value is DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_DECAYTIME_DEFAULT, or 1.49 second.


Ratio of the decay time at high frequencies to the decay time at low frequencies, in the range from DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_DECAYHFRATIO_MIN to DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_DECAYHFRATIO_MAX. The default value is DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_DECAYHFRATIO_DEFAULT, or 0.83.


Attenuation of early reflections relative to lRoom, in mB, in the range from DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_REFLECTIONS_MIN to DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_REFLECTIONS_MAX. The default value is DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_REFLECTIONS_DEFAULT, or -2602 mB.


Delay time of the first reflection relative to the direct path, in seconds, in the range from DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_REFLECTIONSDELAY_MIN to DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_REFLECTIONSDELAY_DEFAULT. The default value is 0.007 seconds.


Attenuation of late reverberation relative to lRoom, in mB, in the range -from DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_REVERB_MIN to DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_REVERB_MAX. The default value is DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_REVERB_DEFAULT, or 200 mB.


Time limit between the early reflections and the late reverberation relative to the time of the first reflection, in seconds, in the range from DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_REVERBDELAY_MIN to DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_REVERBDELAY_MAX. The default value is DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_REVERBDELAY_DEFAULT, or 0.011 seconds.


Echo density in the late reverberation decay, in percent, in the range from DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_DIFFUSION_MIN to DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_DIFFUSION_MAX. The default value is DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_DIFFUSION_DEFAULT, or 100.0 percent.


Modal density in the late reverberation decay, in percent, in the range from DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_DENSITY_MIN to DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_DENSITY_MAX. The default value is DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_DENSITY_DEFAULT, or 100.0 percent.


Reference high frequency, in hertz, in the range from DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_HFREFERENCE_MIN to DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_HFREFERENCE_MAX. The default value is DSFX_I3DL2REVERB_HFREFERENCE_DEFAULT, or 5000.0 Hz.


  Header: Declared in Dsound.h.

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