Microsoft DirectX 9.0

DMO Error Codes

The following table contains error codes that are specific to Microsoft DirectX Media Objects (DMOs). These error codes are defined in the header file Mediaerr.h.

Return code Description Hexadecimal value
DMO_E_INVALIDSTREAMINDEX Invalid stream index. 0x80040201
DMO_E_INVALIDTYPE Invalid media type. 0x80040202
DMO_E_TYPE_NOT_SET Media type was not set. One or more streams require a media type before this operation can be performed. 0x80040203
DMO_E_NOTACCEPTING Data cannot be accepted on this stream. You might need to process more output data; see IMediaObject::ProcessInput. 0x80040204
DMO_E_TYPE_NOT_ACCEPTED Media type was not accepted. 0x80040205
DMO_E_NO_MORE_ITEMS Media-type index is out of range. 0x80040206

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