Microsoft DirectX 9.0

DirectSound Buffer Configuration Form

The following notation shows the organization of a chunk containing information about a DirectSound buffer configuration.

  [<guid-ck>]   // GUID identifier for this buffer configuration.
  [<vers-ck>]   // Optional version information.
  [<UNFO-list>] // Name, author, copyright information, comments.
  <dsbd-ck>   // DirectSound buffer descriptor. 
  [<bsid-ck>]   // Bus identifiers.
  [<ds3d-ck>]   // 3-D parameters.
  [<fxls-list>] // Effect descriptors.

<guid-ck>, <vers-ck>, <UNFO-list>

For information on these three chunks, see Common Chunks.


The DirectSound buffer descriptor is organized as follows:

<dsbd-ck> -> 'dsbd' (


The bus identifiers are stored in the following chunk.

<bsid-ck> -> 'bsid' ( <DSOUND_IO_DSBUSID> )

The DSOUND_IO_DSBUSID structure is an array of bytes whose size is specified by the chunk size.


The 3-D parameters of the buffer are stored in the following chunk.

<ds3d-ck> -> 'ds3d'( <DSOUND_IO_3D> )


The next list contains information about DMOs associated with the buffer.

<fxls-list> -> LIST ( 'fxls'

Each DMO is stored in an Effects Form.