Microsoft DirectX 9.0

DexterVB Sample


Video editing application for Microsoft® Visual Basic®.

This sample application is a graphical tool for creating DirectShow Editing Services timelines. It demonstrates the following tasks:


Source: (SDK root)\Extras\DirectShow\VB Samples\Editing\DexterVB

User's Guide

The following illustration shows the DexterVB application window.

DexterVB User Interface

The left pane displays a tree-view control that contains the timeline. The right pane displays information about the timeline. To view information about an object in the timeline, select the object's icon in the tree view.

To create a new timeline, choose New from the File menu. To open a project file, choose Open from the File menu. To save the current timeline to a project file, choose Save As from the File menu.

To modify the timeline, or any of the objects in the timeline, right-click the corresponding icon in the left pane. DexterVB displays a pop-up menu for that object. The following illustration shows the pop-up menu for the timeline.

Timeline Pop-Up Menu

For each object, the pop-up menu contains only the commands that apply to that object. The following commands are supported:

The following commands are specific to the timeline itself: