Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Decrypter/Detagger Filter

This topic applies to Windows XP Service Pack 1 only.

The Decrypter/Detagger filter conditionally decrypts samples that are encrypted by the Encrypter/Tagger filter.

This filter reads ratings information from the encrypted samples and passes them to the EvalRat object. The EvalRat object determines whether the content is allowed. If so, the Decrypter/Detagger filter decrypts the samples and passes them downstream for rendering.

Filter interfaces IBaseFilter, IDTFilter, IDTFilterConfig, IBroadcastEvent
Input pin media types MEDIASUBTYPE_ETDTFilter_Tagged
Input pin interfaces IKsPropertySet, IMemInputPin, IPin, IQualityControl
Output pin media types See Remarks
Output pin interfaces IPin, IQualityControl
Filter category CLSID_CPCAFiltersCategory


The output type matches the original input type received by the Encrypter/Tagger filter.

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