Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Debugging DirectMusic Projects

The DirectMusic dynamic-link libraries (DLLs) installed with the debug version of the DirectX software development kit (SDK) generate information in the debug output window as the application is running. These DLLs are available if you installed the debug version of the DirectX SDK. They can be dynamically selected through the DirectX property sheet in Control Panel by choosing Use Debug Version of DirectMusic.

You can control the volume of information that goes to your debug output window by changing values in Win.ini. The output for each DirectMusic DLL can be set separately, as in the following example:


Each value can be in the range from 0 through 5, where 0 produces no debugging information and 5 the most detailed information. For most purposes it is unnecessary to set the level higher than 2; output at higher levels does not pertain to errors or warnings but is purely informational.

If there is no entry in Win.ini, the debug output is at level 0. You can focus on problems in a particular DLL by setting lower values for the other components.

You can also set the debug level within the range from 0 to 5 by using the Debug Output Level sliders on the DirectMusic page of the DirectX property sheet in Control Panel. The slider sets the same value for all DLLs.