Microsoft DirectX 9.0


Waits for any (or all) of the specified objects to be signaled.

In a debug build, this function triggers an assert if the time-out interval expires before the objects are signaled. To set the time-out interval, call the DbgSetWaitTimeout function.

In a retail build, this function is equivalent to the WaitForMultipleObjects function with a time-out interval of INFINITE.


DWORD DbgWaitForMultipleObjects(
    DWORD nCount,
    CONST HANDLE *lpHandles,
    BOOL bWaitAll



Number of objects.


Array of handles to objects, of size nCount.


Boolean value that specifies whether to wait for all of the objects. If TRUE, the function waits for all of the objects to be signaled. Otherwise, it waits for at least one object to be signaled.

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