Microsoft DirectX 9.0

CreatePosPassThru Function

The CreatePosPassThru function creates a CPosPassThru object or CRendererPosPassThru object.


STDAPI CreatePosPassThru(
    BOOL bRenderer,
    IPin *pPin,
    IUnknown **ppPassThru



Pointer to the owner of this object. If the object is aggregated, pass a pointer to the aggregating object's IUnknown interface. Otherwise, set this parameter to NULL.


Boolean value that specifies whether the filter is a renderer. Use the value TRUE if the filter is a renderer, or FALSE otherwise. If the value is TRUE, this method creates an instance of the CRendererPosPassThru class. If the value is false, the method creates an instance of the CPosPassThru class.


Pointer to the IPin interface on the filter's input pin.


Address of a variable that receives a pointer to the object's IUnknown interface.

Return Value

Returns S_OK if successful. Otherwise, returns an HRESULT value indicating the cause of the error.


This method uses the ISeekingPassThru interface to create the object. The object is loaded dynamically from Quartz.dll.

If the function succeeds, the returned IUnknown interface has an outstanding reference count. The caller must release the interface.

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