Microsoft DirectX 9.0

CodecAPIEventData Structure

The CodecAPIEventData structure describes the event data that an encoder forwards along with an EC_CODECAPI_EVENT event.


struct CodecAPIEventData
    GUID    guid;
    DWORD   dataLength;
    DWORD   reserved[3];
    // A block of data of size dataLength follows this structure.



GUID value that identifies the encoder event.


Specifies the length of the event data that follows this structure, in bytes.


Reserved; do not use.


The lParam2 parameter in the EC_CODECAPI_EVENT event is a pointer to a block of data that starts with a CodecAPIEventData structure. The rest of the block contains the event data. The size of the event data is given by the dataLength member.

If guid equals CODECAPI_CHANGELISTS, the data is an array of GUIDs, indicating which parameters have changed following a call to set one or more parameter values. The size of the array is equal to dataLength / sizeof(GUID). The driver may send multiple CODECAPI_CHANGELISTS messages for one call.

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