Microsoft DirectX 9.0


Retrieves a type-information object, which can retrieve the type information for an interface.


HRESULT GetTypeInfo(
    UINT itinfo,
    LCID lcid,
    ITypeInfo **pptinfo



Type information to return. Pass zero to retrieve type information for the IDispatch implementation.


Locale ID for the type information. For classes that support localized member names, an object might be able to return different type information for different languages. For classes that do not support localized member names, this parameter can be ignored.


Address of a pointer to the type-information object requested.

Return Value

Returns an E_POINTER if pptinfo is invalid. Returns TYPE_E_ELEMENTNOTFOUND if itinfo is not zero. Returns S_OK if is successful. Otherwise, returns an HRESULT from one of the calls to retrieve the type.

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