Microsoft DirectX 9.0

ChangePassword Method

The DVDAdm.ChangePassword method saves a new application password in the registry.


DVD.DVDAdm.ChangePassword(sUserName, sOld, sNew);



Specifies the current user's logon name as a String. The MSDVDAdm object ignores this parameter. See Remarks.


Specifies the user's old password as a String.


Specifies the user's new password as a String. Cannot be an empty string.

Return Values

No return value.


Currently, the sUserName parameter is ignored on this and all related methods. This means that whoever knows the password can set the parental level. There is only one password and one parental level for the application. There is no support for individual user logon names or multiple password management. To enforce parental management levels, parents should set the password and then set the parental level appropriate for younger members of the family. When parents want to view a disc with adult-rated content, they can change the level, and then change it back when they are done viewing. As long as the children do not know the password, they can only watch content at or below the level set for them.

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