Microsoft DirectX 9.0


Pointer to a function that creates an instance of the object.


typedef CUnknown *(CALLBACK *LPFNNewCOMObject)(LPUNKNOWN pUnkOuter, HRESULT *phr);

LPFNNewCOMObject m_lpfnNew;


In your DLL, declare a static function that returns a pointer to a new instance of the object. In the factory template, set the m_lpfnNew member variable to the address of this static function.

The following example shows a typical function for m_lpfnNew:

CUnknown * WINAPI CMyComponent::CreateInstance(LPUNKNOWN pUnk, HRESULT *pHr) 
    CMyComponent *pNewObject = new CMyComponent(NAME("My Component"), pUnk, pHr );
    if (pNewObject == NULL) 
        *phr = E_OUTOFMEMORY;
    return pNewObject;

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