Microsoft DirectX 9.0

CBaseMediaFilter Class


The CBaseMediaFilter class implements the IMediaFilter interface. Use this class for plug-in distributors or other objects that need to support IMediaFilter without supporting the IBaseFilter interface. Do not use this class for filters. Instead, use the CBaseFilter class, or a base class derived from CBaseFilter.


Header: Declared in Amfilter.h; include Streams.h.

Library: Use Strmbase.lib (retail builds) or Strmbasd.lib (debug builds).

Protected Member Variables  
m_State Current state of the object.
m_pClock Pointer to the object's reference clock.
m_tStart Reference time that corresponds to stream time 0.
m_clsid Class identifier (CLSID) of the object.
m_pLock Pointer to a critical section.
Public Methods  
CBaseMediaFilter Constructor method.
~CBaseMediaFilter Destructor method. Virtual.
StreamTime Retrieves the current stream time. Virtual.
IsActive Determines whether the object is active (running or paused).
IPersist Methods  
GetClassID Retrieves the class identifier.
IMediaFilter Methods  
GetState Retrieves the object's state (running, stopped, or paused).
SetSyncSource Sets a reference clock for the object.
GetSyncSource Retrieves the reference clock that the object is using.
Stop Stops the object.
Pause Pauses the object.
Run Runs the object.