Microsoft DirectX 9.0


The put_Owner method sets the video window's parent window; the parent window then forwards certain messages to the video window.


HRESULT put_Owner(
    OAHWND Owner



Handle to the parent window.

Return Value

Returns NOERROR.


Internally, this method calls the Microsoft Win32 SetParent function to set the new owner and sets the parent window's style to WS_CHILD. The parent window will then forward certain sets of messages (in particular, mouse and keyboard messages) to the video window.

After you set the video window's owner, you must set the owner to NULL and the owner's window style to WS_OVERLAPPED and WS_CLIPCHILDREN before releasing the filter graph. When you set the owner to NULL, this method turns off the parent window's WS_CHILD bit. If you don't set the owner to NULL, the parent window will continue to pass messages to the video window and errors will likely occur when the application closes.

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