Microsoft DirectX 9.0


The NotifyOwnerMessage method passes along specific messages to the video window.


HRESULT NotifyOwnerMessage(
    long hwnd,
    long uMsg,
    long wParam,
    long lParam



Handle to the video window.


Message details.


First message parameter.


Second message parameter.

Return Value

Returns NO_ERROR.


When the video window is a child of another window, it does not receive certain top-level window messages. These messages can be valuable to a renderer, because they could affect its behavior. NotifyOwnerMessage passes any of the following messages to the video window.

You can request that the IVideoWindow plug-in distributor (PID) make a window become a child of another window. When this occurs, the PID will look for certain messages that might be sent to the owning window. The PID will then forward those messages to the owned window. The default processing for the messages is to send them to the owned window procedure synchronously by calling the Win32 SendMessage function.

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