Microsoft DirectX 9.0


The GetVideoPaletteEntries method retrieves a range of palette entries for the video.


HRESULT GetVideoPaletteEntries(
    long StartIndex,
    long Entries,
    long *pRetrieved,
    long *pPalette



Zero-based start palette entry.


Number of entries required.


Pointer to the number of colors obtained.


Pointer to output buffer for colors.

Return Value

Returns NOERROR if successful, VFW_E_NO_PALETTE_AVAILABLE if the video samples has no color palette, E_OUTOFMEMORY if there is not enough memory available, E_INVALIDARG if StartIndex is invalid, or S_FALSE if there are no colors in the palette.


This member function returns the current palette of the video as an array allocated by the user. To remain consistent, use the members in the Win32 PALETTEENTRY structure to return the colors, rather than the members in the RGBQUAD structure (although the parameter is a LONG). The memory is allocated by the caller, so simply copy each in turn. Determine that the number of entries requested and the start position offset are both valid. If the number of entries evaluates to zero, return an S_FALSE code.

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