Microsoft DirectX 9.0


The SetNotify method sets or removes a callback on the allocator. The allocator calls the callback method whenever the allocator's IMemAllocator::ReleaseBuffer method is called.


HRESULT SetNotify(
    IMemAllocatorNotifyCallbackTemp *pNotify



Pointer to the IMemAllocatorNotifyCallbackTemp interface that will be used for the callback. The caller must implement the interface. Use the value NULL to remove the callback.

Return Value

Returns S_OK.


This method implements the IMemAllocatorCallbackTemp::SetNotify method. The allocator does not expose the IMemAllocatorCallbackTemp interface unless the fEnableReleaseCallback flag is set to TRUE in the CBaseAllocator constructor.

The IMemAllocatorNotifyCallbackTemp interface is deprecated, but this method remains in the CBaseAllocator class for backward compatibility. However, it is not recommended that you use it.

This method sets the CBaseAllocator::m_pNotify member variable equal to pNotify and increments the reference count on the interface. If m_pNotify is non-NULL, the allocator's ReleaseBuffer method calls IMemAllocatorNotifyCallbackTemp::NotifyRelease. See the Remarks section in that method for information about implementing the callback.

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