Microsoft DirectX 9.0


The WaitMsg method waits for the event to be signaled, while dispatching sent messages.


BOOL WaitMsg(
    DWORD dwTimeOut = INFINITE



Optional time-out value, in milliseconds.

Return Value

Returns TRUE if the event is signaled, or FALSE if the time-out occurred.


This method calls the PeekMessage function to process messages. Call this method instead of CAMEvent::Wait if your thread needs to process messages while waiting for an event. If the thread does not process messages and another thread sends a message, deadlock could occur.

For example, suppose you create a thread and then block until the thread initializes. If the thread sends a message to your window by calling the SendMessage function, it will result in a deadlock. This is because SendMessage does not return until the message has been processed. Calling WaitMsg allows the SendMessage call to return, preventing the deadlock.

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