Microsoft DirectX 9.0

ASFCopy Sample


Transcodes one or more files to an ASF file.


Source: (SDK root)\Samples\C++\DirectShow\Misc\ASFCopy

User's Guide

To build this sample, you must install the Microsoft® Windows Media™ Format SDK and link your application to WMVCore.lib. If you use version 7.1 of the Windows Media Format SDK, you must also link to wmstub.lib, which is distributed with the SDK. This library enables applications to create ASF files that are not protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM).

To create DRM-protected files, you must use a library that is unique to your application, and which must be obtained directly from Microsoft.


ASFCopy [/v] /p profile file1 [file2 ...] target

The following command-line switches are supported.

Switch Description
/p Specifies the profile number.
/v Verbose mode.

Specify an ASF profile using the /p switch. If you omit this switch, ASFCopy displays a list of the standard system profiles.

Specify the name of one or more source files, and the name of the target file. If you specify more than one source file, the application multiplexes all of the source files. You must specify a profile that matches the streams contained in the source files, or else the application will not work correctly. For example, if you specify Video for Web Servers (56 Kbps), the combined source files must have exactly one video stream and one audio stream.

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