Microsoft DirectX 9.0

AnglesAvailable Property

The AnglesAvailable property retrieves the number of angles currently available.


[ iAngles = ] MSWebDVD.AnglesAvailable

Return Values

Returns an integer value from 1 through 9 representing the number of angles currently available. If iAngles = 1, there is no angle block at the current location.


This property is read-only with no default value. An angle block is a video segment that was shot from more than one camera angle. There can be up to nine angles in an angle block, numbered from 1 through 9. When the DVD Navigator first enters an angle block, it sends your application an EC_DVD_ANGLES_AVAILABLE event notification with the number of angles in lParam1. A disc can be authored to automatically show a menu for available angles when it enters an angle block, but generally an application must determine the number of angles available and offer the user a way to select one.

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