Microsoft DirectX 9.0


Specifies the copy protection state of the filter.


typedef struct AM_DVDCOPY_SET_COPY_STATE {
    ULONG DVDCopyState;



Copy protection state of the filter. Member of the AM_DVDCOPYSTATE enumerated data type.


Both the IKsPropertySet::Get and IKsPropertySet::Set methods are supported on this property. The Get method is called first to determine if authentication is required. If a filter provides multiple pins that use the same authenticator, such as a hardware DVD decoder, the decoder might respond with AM_DVDCOPYSTATE_AUTHENTICATION_NOT_REQUIRED on some pins to indicate that the key exchange algorithm only needs to be applied once. The filter should respond with AM_DVDCOPYSTATE_AUTHENTICATION_REQUIRED to get the copy protection state property on the first pin where this property is issued.

The Set method is used to indicate which phase of copy protection negotiation the filter is entering. Specify these by setting the required flag in the AM_DVDCOPYSTATE enumerated type.

The AM_PROPERTY_DVDCOPY_SET_COPY_STATE property uses this structure.

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