Microsoft DirectX 9.0

IDirectXFileSaveObject Interface

Applications use the methods of the IDirectXFileSaveObject interface to create data objects and to save templates and data objects. Note that templates are not required in every file. For example, you could put all templates into a single Microsoft?DirectX?file rather than duplicating them in every DirectX file.

IDirectXFileSaveObject Members


Creates a data object.


Saves a data object and its children to a DirectX file.


Saves templates to a DirectX file.


The globally unique identifier (GUID) for the IDirectXFileSaveObject interface is IID_IDirectXFileSaveObject.

The IDirectXFileSaveObject interface is obtained by calling the IDirectXFile::CreateSaveObject method.

Interface Information

Inherits fromIUnknown
Import libraryd3dxof.lib
Minimum operating systems Windows 98

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