Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Reserved Words, Header, and Comments

The table below shows which words are reserved and must not be used.


The variable-length header is compulsory and must be at the beginning of the data stream. The header contains the following data.

Type Required Size (in bytes)ValueDescription
Magic Number x 4"xof " 
Version Number x 2 "03" Major version 3
"03" Minor version 3
Format Type x 4"txt "Text File
"bin "Binary file
"tzip"MSZip compressed text file
"bzip"MSZip compressed binary file
Float Size x "0064"64-bit floats
x "0032"32-bit floats

The values in the table are delimited by quotes to call attention to the number of characters in each value. Those with 4 bytes contain four characters, those with 2 bytes contain two characters.

Comments are applicable only in text files. Comments can occur anywhere in the data stream. A comment begins with either C++ style double-slashes (//), or a number sign (#). The comment runs to the next new line. The following example shows valid comments.

#  This is a comment.
// This is another comment.

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