Microsoft DirectX 9.0


A data object has the following syntax definition.

object                : identifier optional_name TOKEN_OBRACE

data_parts_list       : data_part
                      | data_parts_list data_part

data_part             : data_reference
                      | object
                      | number_list
                      | float_list
                      | string_list

number_list           : TOKEN_INTEGER_LIST

float_list            : TOKEN_FLOAT_LIST

string_list           : string_list_1 list_separator

string_list_1         : string
                      | string_list_1 list_separator string

list_separator        : comma
                      | semicolon

string                : TOKEN_STRING

identifier            : name
                      | primitive_type

data_reference        : TOKEN_OBRACE name optional_class_id TOKEN_CBRACE

Note that in number_list and float_list data in binary files, TOKEN_COMMA and TOKEN_SEMICOLON are not used. The comma and semicolon are used in string_list data. Also note that you can only use data_reference for optional data members.

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