Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Shader Reference

Shaders drive the programmable graphics pipeline.

Vertex Shader Reference

Vertex Shader Differences summarizes the differences between vertex shader versions.

Mapping Vertex Declarations contains information about the new style of vertex declarations.

Pixel Shader Reference

Pixel Shader Differences summarizes the differences between pixel shader versions.

Relative Addressing demonstrates relative address registers.

CountingFlowControlInstructions identifies flow control instruction counting restrictions.

Shader Debugger introduces the shader debugger.

High-Level Shader Language summarizes the high-level shader language.

Shader Driver Model Requirements

Microsoft?DirectX?9.0 interfaces are restricted to device driver interface (DDI) drivers that are DirectX 7.0-level and above. To check the DDI level, run the DirectX Diagnostic Tool and examine the saved text file.

For reference, DirectX 8.0 interfaces work only on DDI drivers that are DirectX 6.0-level and above.

Shader Binary Format

The bitwise layout of the shader instruction stream is defined in D3d9types.h. If you want to design your own shader compiler or construction tools and you want more information about the shader token stream, refer the DirectX 9.0 Driver Development Kit (DDK).

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