Microsoft DirectX 9.0


Defines a Bézier control patch. The array defines the control points for the patch.

        template Patch \
        { \
            < A3EB5D44-FC22-429D-9AFB-3221CB9719A6 > \
            DWORD nControlIndices; \
            array DWORD controlIndices[nControlIndices]; \


The type of patch is defined by the number of control points, as shown in the following table.

Number of control pointsType
10Cubic Bézier triangular patch
15Quartic Bézier triangular patch
16Cubic Bézier quad rectangle patch

The order of the control points are given in a spiral pattern, as shown in the following diagrams for triangular and rectangular patches.

Triangular patches used the following pattern.

Triangular patches

Rectangular patches use the following pattern.

Rectangular patches

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