Microsoft DirectX 9.0

ID3DXInclude Interface

The ID3DXInclude interface is implemented by an application to provide callbacks for #include directives, which are in an effect created by the D3DXCreateEffectxxx functions.

ID3DXInclude Members

Close Closes an include file. If ID3DXInclude::Open was successful, ID3DXInclude::Close is guaranteed to be called before the application programming interface (API) using this interface returns.
Open Opens an include file.


ID3DXInclude gives an application the ability to override default behaviour for #include directives.

This interface must be provided for effects containing #include directives, which are created with D3DXCreateEffectxxx functions that don't end with "FromFile."

Interface Information

Inherits from Nothing
Import libraryd3dx9.lib
Minimum operating systems Windows 98

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