Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Effect Command-Line Compile

Effects can be compiled into object files using the Fxc.exe utility in DXSDK/bin/DXUtils/ with a target of fx_2_0. The object file can then be used to create an effect directly, using D3DXCreateEffect. The usage is:

Usage: fxc <options> <file>

The switch options are as follows:

Switch optionDescription
/T <target>Target instruction set. The default value is vs_2_0.
/E <name>Entrypoint name. The default value is main.
/Od Disable optimizations.
/Vd Disable validation.
/Zi Enable debugging information.
/Zpr Pack matrices in row-major order.
/Zpc Pack matrices in column-major order.
/Fo <file>Output object file.
/Fc <file>Output listing of generated code.
/Fh <file>Output header containing generated code.
/D <id>= <text>Define macro.
/nologoSuppress copyright message.

The valid targets are vs_1_1, vs_2_0, vs_2_sw, ps_1_1, ps_1_2, ps_1_3, ps_1_4, ps_2_0, ps_2_sw, and fx_2_0.

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