Microsoft DirectX 9.0

ID3DXSaveUserData::AddFrameChildData Method

Add child data to the frame.


HRESULT AddFrameChildData(      



[in] Pointer to a mesh container. See D3DXFRAME.
[in] Pointer to an .x file save object. Use the pointer to call IDirectXFileSaveObject::CreateDataObject to create the data object to be saved. Do not save the data with IDirectXFileSaveObject::SaveData.
[in] Pointer to an .x file data structure. Use the pointer to call IDirectXFileData::AddDataObject with the new data object to save it.

Return Value

The return values of this method are implemented by an application programmer. In general, if no error occurs, program the method to return D3D_OK. Otherwise, program the method to return an appropriate error message from D3DERR or D3DXERR, as this will cause D3DXLoadMeshHierarchyFromX to fail also, and return the error.


ID3DXSaveUserData::RegisterTemplates and ID3DXSaveUserData::SaveTemplates provide a mechanism for adding a template to an .x file for saving user data, using the interface contained in the pXofSave parameter.

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