Microsoft DirectX 9.0

ID3DXRenderToSurface Interface

The ID3DXRenderToSurface interface is used to generalize the process of rendering to surfaces.

ID3DXRenderToSurface Members


Begins a scene.


Ends a scene.


Retrieves the parameters of the render surface.


Retrieves the Microsoft?Direct3D?device associated with the render surface.


Releases all references to video memory resources and deletes all stateblocks.


Should be called after the device has been reset.


Surfaces can be used in a variety of ways including render targets, off-screen rendering, or rendering to textures. An example of off-screen rendering can be seen in the Water Sample.

A surface can be configured using a separate viewport using the ID3DXRenderToSurface::BeginScene method, to provide a custom render view.

If the surface is not a render target, a compatible render target is used, and the result is copied to the surface at the end of the scene.

The ID3DXRenderToSurface interface is obtained by calling the D3DXCreateRenderToSurface function.

The LPD3DXRENDERTOSURFACE type is defined as a pointer to the ID3DXRenderToSurface interface.

typedef interface ID3DXRenderToSurface* LPD3DXRENDERTOSURFACE;

Interface Information

Inherits fromIUnknown
Import libraryd3dx9.lib
Minimum operating systems Windows 98

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