Microsoft DirectX 9.0

ID3DXConstantTable Interface

The ID3DXConstantTable interface is used to access the constant table. This table contains the variables that are used by high-level language shaders and effects.

ID3DXConstantTable Members

GetBufferPointer Gets a pointer to the buffer that contains the constant table.
GetBufferSize Gets the buffer size of the constant table.
GetConstant Gets a constant by looking up its index.
GetConstantByName Gets a constant by looking up its name.
GetConstantDesc Gets a pointer to the descriptions of constants in the constant table.
GetConstantElement Gets a constant from an array of constants. An array is made up of elements.
GetDesc Gets a description of the constant table.
SetBool Sets a Boolean value.
SetBoolArray Sets an array of Boolean values.
SetDefaults Sets the constants to their default values. The default values are declared in the variable declarations in the shader.
SetFloat Sets a floating-point number.
SetFloatArray Sets an array of floating-point numbers.
SetInt Sets an integer value.
SetIntArray Sets an array of integers.
SetMatrix Sets a nontransposed matrix.
SetMatrixArray Sets an array of nontransposed matrices.
SetMatrixPointerArray Sets an array of pointers to non-transposed matrices.
SetMatrixTranspose Sets a transposed matrix.
SetMatrixTransposeArray Sets an array of transposed matrices.
SetMatrixTransposePointerArray Sets an array of pointers to transposed matrices.
SetValue Sets the contents of the buffer to the constant table.
SetVector Sets a 4-D vector.
SetVectorArray Sets an array of 4-D vectors.

Interface Information

Inherits fromIUnknown
Import libraryd3dx9.lib
Minimum operating systems Windows 98

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