Microsoft DirectX 9.0

ID3DXBuffer Interface

The ID3DXBuffer interface is used as a data buffer, storing vertex, adjacency, and material information during mesh optimization and loading operations. The buffer object is used to return arbitrary length data. Also, buffer objects are used to return object code and error messages in methods that assemble vertex and pixel shaders.

ID3DXBuffer Members

GetBufferPointer Retrieves a pointer to the data in the buffer.
GetBufferSize Retrieves the total size of the data in the buffer.


The ID3DXBuffer interface is obtained by calling the D3DXCreateBuffer function.

The ID3DXBuffer interface, like all Component Object Model (COM) interfaces, inherits the IUnknown interface methods.

The LPD3DXBUFFER type is defined as a pointer to the ID3DXBuffer interface.

typedef struct ID3DXBuffer *LPD3DXBUFFER;

Interface Information

Inherits fromIUnknown
Import libraryd3dx9.lib
Minimum operating systems Windows 98

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