Microsoft DirectX 9.0

ID3DXAnimationController Interface

This interface implements the animation controller, which is derived from the animation mixer (ID3DXAnimationMixer). The animation controller adds methods to modify blending parameters over time to enable smooth transitions.

ID3DXAnimationController Members

CloneAnimationController Clones, or copies an animation controller.
GetAnimationSet Gets the animation set.
GetMaxNumAnimationSets Gets the maximum number of animation sets the controller can support.
GetMaxNumEvents Gets the maximum number of events the controller can support.
GetMaxNumMatrices Gets the maximum number of matrices the controller can support.
GetMaxNumTracks Gets the maximum number of tracks in the mixer.
GetNumAnimationSets Returns the number of animation sets currently registered in the mixer.
GetPriorityBlend Gets the track blending weight.
GetTime Gets the global animation time.
GetTrackAnimationSet Gets the animation set for the given track.
GetTrackDesc Gets the track description.
KeyPriorityBlend Blends together the low priority and high priority blended tracks.
KeyTrackAnimationTime Keys, or sets, the new animation time of the track.
KeyTrackEnable Keys, or sets the track enable. This enables or disables the track settings.
KeyTrackSpeed Keys, or sets the track speed. This is a speed modifier that adjusts the rate of play of the track.
KeyTrackWeight Keys, or sets the track weight. The weight is used as a multiplier when combining two tracks together.
RegisterAnimationSet Adds an animation set to the animation mixer.
RegisterMatrix Registers or sets the matrix in the mixer.
SetPriorityBlend Sets the track blending weight.
SetTime Sets the global time in the animation controller and updates the frame hierarchy's transformation matrices based on the track settings and the animation sets. The animation sets are controlled by the tracks.
SetTrackAnimationSet Applies the animation set to the specified track.
SetTrackAnimationTime Sets the animation time for this track.
SetTrackDesc Sets the track's description.
SetTrackEnable Enables or disables a track in the animation mixer.
SetTrackSpeed Sets the track speed. The track speed is like a multiplier that is used to speed up or slow down the playback of the track.
SetTrackWeight Sets the track weight. The weight is used to determine how to blend multiple tracks together.
UnregisterAnimationSet Remove an animation set from the animation mixer.

Interface Information

Inherits fromIUnknown
Import libraryd3dx9.lib
Minimum operating systems Windows 98

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