Microsoft DirectX 9.0

D3DXMatrixIdentity Function

Creates an identity matrix.


D3DXMATRIX *D3DXMatrixIdentity(      

    D3DXMATRIX *pOut );


[in, out] Pointer to the D3DXMATRIX structure that is the result of the operation.

Return Value

Pointer to a D3DXMATRIX structure that is the identity matrix.


The identity matrix is a matrix in which all coefficients are 0 except the [1,1][2,2][3,3][4,4] coefficients, which are set to 1. The identity matrix is special in that when it is applied to vertices, they are unchanged. The identity matrix is used as the starting point for matrices that will modify vertex values to create rotations, translations, and any other transformations that can be represented by a 4 ? matrix.

The return value for this function is the same value returned in the pOut parameter. In this way, the D3DXMatrixIdentity function can be used as a parameter for another function.

Function Information

Import libraryd3dx9.lib
Minimum operating systems Windows 98

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